The Tiniest Mac Haul.

As soon as I saw this limited edition packaging I knew I had to own a little piece of it which evidently lead to this minuscule haul! So the outer packaging features this cute, chic pink and yellow animation which I love and will definitely be keeping… sad I know. The only problem is that clearly others loved the packaging as much as I did meaning when I finally got round to picking up a few pieces there wasn’t much to choose from.  If anyone has ever seen the inside of my lipstick draw they know how deep rooted my addiction is… actually just by mentioning a lipstick draw probably lets you know all you need to know. From this collection I decided to pick up the permanent shade ‘Candy Yum Yum’ which is a highlighter-esque neon pink; perfect for the upcoming summer. It’s the kind of lipstick that does all the talking for you as it’s loud, fun and flirty. In my personal opinion I think it would be the perfect statement lip to be paired with with a sheer dewy base, messy brows and a sharp liquid liner! Luckily this is a permanent shade so you wi always be able to pick it up. However, I would suggest you pick up the matching lipliner that Mac also produce just because with a colour this bright you need a crisp line and this colour is particularly hard to match and the wrong colour would be very obvious.

The next item I picked up was this super adorable mini 217 brush. Mac’s 217 is an iconic brush in it’s own right and was actually the first full sized Mac brush I actually purchased. Funnily enough I didn’t like it originally and defiantly thought it was overhyped which to some degree I still believe. However now as my skills slowly progress from lost to slightly better than basic I really appreciate the diffused look it provides. I’ve provided a side by side comparison so you can see how they differ from each other. As you can see the limited edition mini 217 is a lot more frayed than the original so you will lose a little bit of the control. Overall though I am happy with my purchase and am looking forward to travel with it!

So there you go, the tiniest Mac haul! I hope you enjoyed it and that this haul was a little bit helpful. As of right now I can only see this collection available from Mac cosmetics directly which I will link below although I fear most of it is out of stock but I’m sure it will pop up in other places and you should be able to find it in your local Mac store. Thanks for reading!

Where to buy:


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