Trying to stay Aaptiv.

After a year of nights out, takeouts and naps it is safe to say it hasn’t been my most active year and while I have no regrets because I’ve had some great times it has definitely left me feeling lethargic and less confident. Consequently I have decided to spend the summer trying to become more active which I have always felt in the past as helped me stay mentally strong. But as I think with most people the idea of frequently going to the gym sounds great but in practise the routine gets very boring, very quickly. I know people suggest going to the gym with friends which I have done in the past and loved but sometimes peoples schedules just don’t align and that just happened to be the case this time. This combined with my non enthusiastic attitude to hire a private instructor I searched online for ways to stay motived and luckily came across the App ‘Aaptiv’ on my Facebook feed. If you’ve never heard of the app before Aaptiv basically provides audio workouts which are tailored to your ability and to what equipment you are on. After using this app for 2 weeks now I am absolutely obsessed! The range of instructors makes it harder to get bored and workouts push me which helps with a problem I have of patting myself on the back for going to the gym even though I know I only took a leisurely stroll on the treadmill for 20 mins and then spent the rest of the time hiding in the bathroom 😂. I’m finding the app is making the task of going to the gym less of a chore and way more enjoyable than listening to just music through my headphones. It’s helping me make sure I’m doing the right exercises which is great for a gym newbie as it’s hard to know what advice to take with some much information out there.  For those of you interested my favourite workout so far is the ‘Pop + Sweat’ by Ray W. Well that’s my little review, hope you found it interesting and that it helps you in some way of trying to be just that little bit more active. If you have used the App or have any questions don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section.


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  1. I love this app as well!!! Its awesome for changing up my cardio routine and pushing myself harder!


    1. hanna3317 says:

      Yeah it’s great isn’t? I’m so surprised I don’t hear more people talking about it as it has really helped keep me motivated and on track while still pushing me physically haha. Which is a miracle considering how much of a couch potato I can be 😂. So glad your loving the app too and thanks for the comment😊 X


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