IMATS 2017 experience.

A few weeks ago I somehow managed to persuade my boyfriend to join me to IMATS which for those of you who don’t know if the ‘International Makeup Artist Trades Show’.  I thought I would just jump on here and give you a short overview on my experience but if I’ve missed anything or you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments below. It is basically a makeup convention where you can buy from hard to find brands, get discounts and see influential makeup artists divulging their tips and tricks.  I had such an amazing time at IMATS and am eager to go again next year. IMATS is held at Olympia in London and I got there super early to avoid queues but I have to say compared to what I had seen on line the queues were nothing like I had expected. I personally barely had to queue for anything and found swatching and browsing very manageable. However, I would say that as the day progressed it did get busier and the queues longer so I would suggest getting their as early as possible to nab what you want without the hassle of waiting. The most enjoyable part of the experience for me would be the talks as I found them really interesting and it was nice to be surrounded with people with the same passion as you.  My advice to anyone going next year would be:

  • Buy your tickets early as the price slowly increases, you can buy them here:
  • Make a shopping list of things you want to buy so you can prioritise and BUDGET. It is so easy to over spend when your there as there is such a good atmosphere so make sure you know what you can spend. It might also be a good idea to look up the exhibitors list and browse the websites so you can see who is stocking what.
  • Another key tip would be to make a timetable of the speakers you want to see as well as where they are being held so you don’t miss any crucial talks. One of my biggest regrets is missing talks so I will definitly be taking this advice next year.

Overall I had a great time and would recommend the experience to anyone makeup lover. Make sure to leave any comments regarding any questions or whether you’ve been yourself and what you thought! Also if you would like an IMATS haul so you can see what kind of things I picked up let me know in the comments and don’t forget to follow!


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  1. I have never been to one before. Looks super interesting. Thanks for the tips 😉


    1. hanna3317 says:

      It was a great experience for me but maybe not for my bank account 😂. No problem and thank you for the comment! x

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