Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette: Part Two.

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After my initial first impressions, I have now had long enough to observe and play with the palette to give you a more in-depth review. For this post, I thought I’d split it into sub paragraphs for ease of use as there is a lot to say about this palette! Therefore, instead of you having to read through it all you can just read the elements most important to you! I haven’t discussed packaging or the initial texture of the shadows as I did discuss that in Part One of this review so if you haven’t already make sure you check it out as I didn’t want to repeat myself!

Colour Selection:  I’ve seen a lot of concern online about the similarity of shades within this palette, more specifically between the shades ‘Ounce’ and ‘Chaser’, and the four middle shades ‘Lumbre’, ‘He Devil’, ‘Dirty Talk’ and ‘Scorched’.  I found when applied to the lid that ‘Ounce’ had a distinctive pearlised sheen which could be used as a brow highlight but on my skin tone (medium) I find it way too icy and prefer to use it as an inner corner highlight. Then in regards to ‘Chaser’ as you can see from the swatch it is matte with an ever so slight warmer and peach-ier undertone. Personally, I prefer ‘chaser’ as a brow highlight or as a great all over the lid shade to set my primer. Therefore, while I understand the concern with these two shades from simply looking at the palette I personally enjoy both shades and believe they are different enough to justify both.

Then in regards to the four middle shades I have to admit when I received the palette I was a bit confused as to why they decided to include such similar shades; specifically, ‘Lumbre’ and ‘Dirty Talk’. The most distinct difference I have found is that ‘lumber’ is a peachier copper with an amber/gold shift whereas ‘Dirty Talk’ is your more standard orang copper. When applied to the lid this is the only minor difference you can see also so I can understand the frustration as you don’t need both. While they aren’t distinctively different I prefer ‘Lumbre’ as I find it a more unusual shade and in my opinion I would have preferably swapped ‘Dirty Talk’ for light gold just so there was a shadow to brighten up the lid which is useful when you want to use the ‘halo’ eye technique.

Shadow Performance: One thing I have to mention with these shadows which I haven’t noticed in other Naked palettes as severely is the MEGA fallout of these shadows. However, I have to mention that a lot of people have experienced fallout issues with other Naked palettes, I just haven’t personally. But with the Naked Heat palette I found the biggest issue is fallout because it’s the kind of fallout that you can’t brush away like it never happened. As someone who does their base make-up first out of habit this might prohibit me reaching for this palette as often as I’d like. But while I’ve been testing it out I’ve been baking while applying eyeshadow so I can flick it away. This would probably be a good time to mention that one way in which Urban Decay have addressed this problem in the past is to provide generous samples of multiple of their ‘primer potions’ which are perfect for travel but unfortunately they haven’t done this this time around. With this palette, you will need a primer and preferably a tinted one in order to get the best out of these shadows. Now of course there are ways to work around this, shadow shields, doing base make up after, an adhesive primer but as was something I encountered I thought I’d let you know.

Generally, I found these shades blended beautifully and I was able to produce a lot of different looks using only this palette which is a definite thumbs up. Now addressing some my initial concerns, if you have read Part one of this review you will know I had a hard time swatching the darker mattes in this palette ‘En Fuego’ and ‘Ashes’. I have hence found that ‘En fuego’ applies to the lid beautifully with full opacity and blends with no problems and has become one of my favourite shades in this palette; a very unique shade within my collection. However, I had real issues applying and blending ‘Ashes’ and found it stiff and patchy which was disappointing but a trend I’ve noticed in deeper purple shades. I have therefore only used it as a Smokey liner when I’m not wanting a harsh liquid liner, to smoke out the lower lash line and outer V. But do be careful if you are using it to smoke out the corner of your eye if you are no confident in your blending abilities because as I have mentioned it can be quite stiff. Consequently, I do wish there was a deeper richer shade in the palette that performed better to use in my outer V for evening looks but I do compensate by putting ’ember’ all over the lid with a warmer crease shade and ‘Ashes’ under the eye.

Additional notes: In this section I want to mention the eye brush included with this palette. In the photos above you can see that there is a flat shader brush on one side and a tapered blender brush on the other end. They have changed the brush as previously there was a flat shader brush on one end and then a slightly thicker brush on the other side. I use the old brush quite a lot which is quite impressive for an included brush and the new one just as good quality. I will use it a lot but mind the tapered side too stiff to blend crease shades but I do like it to apply my outer crease shade or buff in a kohl liner.

Overall Conclusion: I am enjoying having this palette in my collection and will continue to use it but I am hesitant to recommend it. This is only because it is very expensive and I have always found that the quality of Naked palettes has decreased with each new on released. The shades in the original Naked palette are buttery, high shine and blendable and while the shades in the Naked Heat palette are good they are not the same standard. It does come down to personal preference whether this palette is worth picking up for yourself. I would recommend it for those who like warm shadows, who are fans of Urban Decay and those of you are looking to add a few unique shades to your collection. On the other hand, if you were looking for a beginner palette I would suggest the Naked 1 over this one as it is more user friendly. I hope you found this review helpful and if you have this palette or are thinking about it please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to follow so you don’t miss any of my content! 🙂

The palette should be available in the UK at the end of the month (June) here: http://www.urbandecay.co.uk



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  1. I love this palette! Great review. Looking forward to your future posts.
    Stop by my space sometime,
    Mena | femmerewritten.com 🌻✨


  2. hanna3317 says:

    Glad to know you’re enjoying it! Thanks for the comment and will be sure to check it out 🙂 ✨✨✨


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