Trend Alert: Colour Correcting On A Budget.

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While colour correcting isn’t a new technique it has become a world-wide trend for the last year or so due to the wonder that is Instagram. From people getting as creative as using red lipstick to cover tattoos to people transforming their faces through correcting pigmentation. I know how popular this trend is so decided to try out a few options the high-street has to offer to see if everyone can participate!

NIP + FAB COLOUR CORRECTOR: First of all we have a new brand from Superdrug Nip+Fab, a skincare brand that has now expanded into the beauty sphere. (I am thinking about doing a Nip+Fab brand review if you guys are interested just let me know in the comments below!). From this brand I picked up the ‘banana’ corrector which is supposed to correct purple undertones, usually found in the under eye area in olive/medium skin tones. I LOVE THIS CORRECTOR.  I have been using the MAC prep and prime pen in the shade ‘Light Boost’ (which is a pale yellow shade) since seeing make-up artists use it to lift the face after contouring. I definitely prefer the Nip+Fab corrector as it is slightly deeper and I find more flattering on a medium skin tone. The formula is sheer and easy to blend which is what I like in a corrector as no one wants yellow patches peaking through their foundation! I have also tried their orange corrector in the shade ‘terracotta’ which would be ideal for dark skin tones but was too dark for me personally but I am glad to report that the formula was still the same standard. I would wholeheartedly recommend this corrector especially for medium skin tones and I’m glad I have found a  cheaper alternative to my MAC pen!

NYX COLOUR CORRECTING LIQUID PRIMER: I picked this up as I had never tried a colour correcting primer before and this looked reminiscent of the purplish Becca primer I had seen people talking about. The NYX website claims that this primer would brighten dull skin which is something I am always about. Unfortunately I didn’t find this primer did anything for my skin in terms of colour correcting but it did hydrate leave my skin feelings prepped for makeup. Therefore, I can’t recommend this primer for colour correcting (for medium skin tones anyway) but if you are fairer you might find it more suitable for you. And while it made my skin feel nice it didn’t extend the longevity of my makeup so I wouldn’t suggest you run out and buy this as just a ‘primer’ as I feel like there are better options out there.

COLLECTION LASTING PERFECTION COLOUR CORRECTOR: The lasting perfection concealer is one of my all time favourite concealers of all time; it’s great coverage and wears beautifully and when I heard they were releasing colour correctors I was so excited! In this formula I picked the green shade as I thought the thicker consistency would be better suited to hiding blemishes. Green is supposed to counteract red undertones so I thought it would pair well with their full coverage concealer. TIP: instead of placing the corrector on first and then the concealer I mix the corrector into the concealer for a smoother blend. I found this product worked best on smaller areas but on my nose it made my concealer look really patchy and dry (even on my oily skin) so if you do have dry patches I would steer clear of this.  Another thing about this product is that like the concealer the tone of these correctors run really light so they are not ideal for medium to dark skin tones. So overall I would recommend this corrector for small areas such as blemishes but not for large problem areas as I feel like their are better alternatives out there!

Overall my stand out product was the NIP+FAB corrector which I would highly recommend to everyone, especially if you are of a medium to dark skin tone. I will definitely be checking out the other shades they have to offer!

If you have tried any of these products let me know what you thought in the comments sections below! And also let me know what your favourite colour correcting shades are and don’t forget to like and subscribe! I am also having a blog sale which I will link down below so make sure to check that out!

Nip+Fab yellow corrector (£8.95):

Nyx colour correcting liquid primer in the pink shade (£9):

Collection green corrector (£4.19):


Blog sale:


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