Review:NIP + FAB Stroboscopic.

(Guys I am really struggling with my camera which is why there has been a lack of uploads. The photos in this post have been taken with my phone which is why they aren’t as good. I’m trying to get this fixed soon but sorry for the lack of quality but I really wanted to get something up for you guys!).

Nip+Fab is very quickly becoming one of my favourite new brands that the highstreet has to offer. I recently did a post (colour correcting on a budget which I will post below) including one of their colour correctors which I am a big fan of and I love their primer water! If you would like me to do a ‘brief brand’ review specifically on them please let me know in the comments section below and I will be sure to pick up some of their other products! Now back to this palette…

This is a 6 pan highlighter palette with a lot to offer. The shades rang from pale pearls to deeper bronzes and everything inbetween.  I have been reaching for this palette ever since I picked it up and I have found some of the shades to be dupes in both formula and finish to my Anastasia Glow kits, my favourite highlighters of all time. Now there are some differences among the individual powders but I will run through them!

So lets go through the duds before we get to the shades that make this palette:

Golden: Golden is a true white shade with a pearlescent sheen ideal for fairer skin tones but despite the fairness of this shade the slight translucency makes it wearable on a medium skin tone. In terms of formula I find that this shade is slightly thicker, more powdery than others and consequently bunches up slightly when your swatching it. Luckily this doesn’t translate on the face and I find this a beautiful, brightening highlighter that offers a high shine sheen.

Champagne: Champagne is a pale champagne with a slight yellow undertone which again I would suggest would be best suitable to fair to medium skin tones. This shade has that same powdery texture as selfie but with more colour pay off. I find this shade offers a high shine sheen that it more true to colour than Golden.

Selfie : Selfie is a pale yellow which would look incredible on most skin tones. I find Selfie to be so similar to ‘sunburst’ in one of my ABH palettes which is one of my favourite highlighters so I automatically fell in LOVE with the shade. In terms in formula this shade is creamier than the previous two but still powdery  and offers a frostier more metallic sheen. This one defiantly packs more of a punch than the others and I would say is one of the best shades in this palette.

Sunkissed: Sunkissed is a  rosy tan highlighter shade that is very beautiful and would compliment medium/tan skin tones. The formula here does change as it is a lot harder to to pick up product due to the a much dryer texture. I found that Sunkissed had less glitter than the other shades and provided a more sophisticated sheen that can still be built up despite the change in formula. Perhaps more ideal for those who like a sheer glow.

Rose gold: Rose gold is a true rose gold shade would you believe it? has a creamier formula with a less powderer feel and is less glittery than the first two shades I have just mentioned but still provides an amped up sheen.

Sunbeam: Then finally we have Sunbeam which I think would look breathtaking on darker skin tones and it is one of the better shades in this palette in terms of finish. Its has the creamier texture and feels more finely milled compared to the others. It applies super smooth, has less glitter compared to some of the other shades I’ve mentioned and consequently offers a more sophisticated glow.

Overall I think its safe to say I am obsessed with this highlighter palette. For £9.99 you are getting six beautiful highlighters and I think everyone needs to head out and pick up this palette! For a highstreet palette this is super impressive and I love that there is such a wide range of shades in this palette which helps cater to a multitude of skin tones.

Hope you enjoyed this review and don’t forget to follow and leave your comments down below! I have recently picked up the new subculture palette from Anastasia Beverely Hills so make sure to follow as to not to miss it!

Buy here (£9.00):

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