Dose of colors​: DesiXKaty Collection Review.

So yesterday I received my Dose of color’s order in the post! The whole collection is sold out currently but I know they are doing a restock this month so thought I would give you my thoughts so you are prepared! I would just like to say that I am major fans of both Desi and Katy and I am so happy to support them by picking up this collaboration with Dose Of Colours!  I was so excited and just couldn’t wait to share my thoughts with you guys, I picked up most of the products in this collection so let’s get to it!

The packaging is beautiful in this collection, there is a prominent rose gold theme, with the lipsticks coming in a matte nude case with rose gold details and the compacts adorned in rose gold gemstones. I love the matte packing as I think it looks very sophisticated and the gemstones definitely make a statement.

My favourite product from this entire collection is probably the most ‘boring’ aspect of this collection and that is one of the traditional lipsticks they brought out in the shade ‘More creamer please’. This lipstick is silky smooth with opaque coverage. The best thing about this lipstick is that it is an ACTUAL NUDE for my skin tone (Mac NC37). It’s not too pink or too brown is just the perfect neutral nude! If you are my skin tone or darker I think this lipstick is going to fulfill all your dreams and even if you’re a lighter complexion this is going to be a beautiful peachy tone on you. So in my opinion, if you had to pick up one thing from this collection it would be this nude!

Next, we have the eyeshadow palette called ‘The girls’ which is such a cute aspect of this palette,  the personality of Desi and Katy really come through in these products which is great to see! In this palette, we have two formulas, one you use wet and one you use dry. The wet shadows remind me of the textured shadows in the Hude Beauty palette whereas the dry shadows are more similar to your basic shadow formula. I love the shades in this palette but the stand out shades for me are ‘SUZ’ which is a stunning mega metallic toasty champagne shade and ‘Harpoon’ which is a really unusual khaki shade with a purple reflect. There is nothing wrong with the formula of ‘Noli’ as it is beautiful bronze but something I feel like everyone already owns. The only shade I had an issue with in this palette was ‘Turbosan’ which I found super glittery and a tad sheer, it was also the shadow I found had the most fall out but it is a beautiful shade and with a little bit of glitter glue or any tacky base you could make this work. Overall a nice neutral palette which has all the components to complete a very lovely eye look. One word of warning though if you don’t like glitter stay away from this palette as it is full of shimmer. I find using my finger the easiest way to apply them to get the most metallic finish and I would also suggest you do your eyes first so you can deal with the fallout.

Within this collection, we have two liquid lipsticks, ‘savage’ and ‘Hot fire’. ‘Savage’ was the shade I was most looking forward to as I have yet to find a deep blackcurrant shade that is fully opaque and unfortunately I am still on the hunt. While ‘savage’ isn’t the worst attempt I have ever tried it isn’t as full coverage as I was hoping. I found you had to use two layers to get a mostly full opacity and even then there were a few patches. I still adore the shade so am using ‘Currant’ lip liner by Mac and a New Look pure colour pencil (the best most opaque blackcurrant lip liner I have ever found for only £1.99!) to make this shade work for me. ‘Hot fire’ is a lot better in terms of colour payoff but still, requires a little manoeuvring to get full coverage. Overall while I am obsessed with the shade of these liquid lipsticks and they are workable they aren’t my favourite formula and overall were a little underwhelming.

The last product I bought was one of their highlighters in the shade ‘Marime’ which is described as a rose gold. On my skin tone, unfortunately, the shade is a touch too dark so doesn’t give me that blinding effect but with a touch of foundation and bronzer is looks absolutely beautiful. With that said if you have a deeper skin tone I think this would look beautiful on you! The formula on this highlighter is great and really gives you that wet look and I like it enough to want to pick up ‘Fuego’ which is their lighter more golden shade. Very similar to the pans in the Anastasia Beverly Hills glow palettes and a great edition to my highlighter collection!

Overall I am sad to say that I found this collection really quite underwhelming. The products aren’t bad per say but they just aren’t WOW YOU NEED THIS RN either, par the lipstick. As I reside in the UK my advice to anyone else living in the UK would be to skip this collection as in my opinion it isn’t really worth the international shipping and the customs charges. While the shades are beautiful I am sure there are similar things you can pick up without the hassle. But if you live in the US and that isn’t an issue for you then I would say the lipstick and highlighter are a must and everything else is neither here nor there! Thanks for reading and let me know what you guys thought in the comments section below! I would be super interested to know if you guys have any recommendations for a dark blackcurrant shade to add to my collection for this autumn!

Where I bought the collection:

Mac Currant lipstick:


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