Juvia’s place: The Saharan palette.

Hey guys, this is going to be a short and snappy review on a new eyeshadow palette that has been a staple in my makeup bag! BeautyBay has recently started to stock Juvia’s place and I picked up this little palette a few weeks ago. They offer a wide selection of palettes to suit everyone’s need and I narrowed it down to this palette in particular because it seemed to have the most neutral selection of shades while still managing to infuse a few pops of colour. I had heard such good things about their eyeshadows and I was especially excited to try them because they are a black owned company and I like to support diversity as well as less mainstream companies.

I’m going to cut to the chase and tell you I am in love with this eyeshadow palette. The shade selection includes mostly shimmers which I am really happy about because their formula is absolutely flawless! They are smooth, fully opaque and sensationally metallic. However,  there are four matte shades in this palette and while I like the shade range the formula leaves something to be desired. They are patchy and hard to blend but they are workable if you are after a subtle bit of definition, which with these shimmer shades is all you really need to put together a knockout look! I will just briefly mention the packaging because I am obsessed with the artwork on the front of the cardboard packaging. It looks so sophisticated and really enforces the inspiration of the brand and is replicated on the inside of the inside lid (instead of a mirror). Overall, this is a really neat, travel sized palette that can take you from day to night looks and I would recommend you check them out! What I also love about this brand is that they also offer a few other palettes that really embrace colour which is great if you are after something different to spice up your makeup routine.

As always I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful, make sure to like, follow and comment on this post telling me your thoughts! Hope you found the swatches helpful! ✨

Where I purchased: http://www.beautybay.com/cosmetics/juviasplace/thesaharanpalette/ (Which has gone up by £2)


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