Huda Beauty: 3D Highlighter Palette.

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If you have even glanced at my blog you will know that I am a big supporter of Huda beauty cosmetics, so when I saw they were coming out with a highlighting palette you know I had to pick it up. They released a ‘3D highlighting palette’ in two shades and I picked up the ‘golden sands’ palette. The other one, named ‘pink sands’ is geared towards a fairer skin tone with a more pink undertone. Now, this is going to be a long review so let’s get right to it!

Packaging: First of all the packaging is flawless as per usual. The front is a close-up photo of Huda herself and when the packaging catches the light you can see that her face is highlighted and I think this is a super unique aspect of the packaging and I can really appreciate it. The packaging it cardboard but still has a good weight to it which makes it feel more expensive which is helped further by that all-important magnetic closing.

Shade range: As you can see from the photos above you get a cream highlighter, a powder highlighter, a bronze shade and a blush shade. Now, this palette was called a ‘highlighting’ palette so I was confused as to why there was a bronzer and a blush shade but then remembered that this is a ‘3D’ highlighting palette which makes more sense but just something I thought I should mention incase you were expecting 4 highlighter shades. Another aspect of this product I found odd is that the instructions included suggest that you should use the bronzy shade to contour. Now I’m not a make-up artist but usually, when I’m contouring I like to use something with a cooler undertone and a product that provides a matte finish. This is because when you are contouring you are supposed to be adding shadow to your face and by using something shimmery you are going to attract the light. Therefore, I don’t really see what this colour adds to the palette. I know some people have suggested this would be a great highlighter shade for deeper skin tones which is technically true but I don’t understand why 1.) you would make someone pay £40 for one highlighter and 2.) why you wouldn’t just create a third kit which is geared towards deeper skin tones with 4 complete shades geared towards them instead of chucking it in palettes geared to light to medium skin tones.  Again there are ways to make this shade work on a medium skin tone for example as an eyeshadow but just something to consider if you were still unsure about purchasing this palette. But in terms of how the shades compliment a medium skin tone, I loved the tone of them because they really bring out the golden tones in my skin which makes sense as it is called the ‘The golden sands palette’.  They really do compliment a medium skin tone and they do not appear ashy on the skin.

Formula and application: The powders in this palette are so finely milled they feel like a cream, they are a super luxe feeling formula which is great to see considering the price tag. I personally like to apply the cream with my fingers and the powders with my real techniques setting brush. Now in terms of wear time, I found that if you layer the cream and powder highlighting shades you can get a full 8-hour wear and the formula does give you a beautiful, high-shine gloss that is true to Huda’s branding.  And individually each powder lasts around 4-6 hours with the cream lasting around 4- hours on the skin. All four of the shades apply effortlessly on the skin and just do their job incredibly well. The highlighters, in particular, are outstanding and they give you that amped up glow when layered. I have used the powder shade down the bridge of my nose where I have more enlarged pores and did not find that is exaggerated them in anyway so if you do have large pores or more textured skin then this will be a big plus for you. Now one product I wasn’t expecting to love in this palette is the blush shade but I layered it over a tinted moisturizer on one of my ‘no makeup makeup’ days and it just gave me the healthiest looking skin. It just gives your skin that lift and sheen that just makes you look like you’re having your best skin day! I was so pleasantly surprised by this blush and it is actually the main reason as to why I have been reaching for this palette constantly over the last few months.

Conclusion: Overall would I recommend this product? Well, what I personally get from this palette, on my skin tone, is two highlighters that produce a blinding ‘strobe’ effect, a blush that produces the healthiest glow I have ever had and an okay shadow shade that I’m not too keen on. So for me, I would say it was worth the price tag, keeping in mind I do like a cream highlighter unlike most. So yes in the respect I would recommend this highlighting kit. But if you’re expecting four highlighters you will, unfortunately, be disappointed which is why I think the marketing is misleading because it’s more of a face palette than a highlighting palette in my opinion. Another downside is that one of the highlighters is cream and some people naturally prefer a powder so if you fall into that category and are not interested in the blush or bronzer shade I would not say that the powder highlighter itself is worth spending £40 on. But if you like the colour selection, are interested in creams and think you’ll use the bronzer and blush then I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the formulation.

Thank you for reading this review and don’t forget to comment down below and let me know what you think!


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